At track this Monday (A&MCMS @ 6:30 PM) we will be doing 5 minute repeats with fartleks (slow on the curves, faster on the straights).  Rest between repeats will be 2 minutes.

  • Fun:   4 x 5' Fartlek Repeats
  • Fast:  5 x 5' Fartlek Repeats
  • Fools: 6 x 5' Fartlek Repeats

Reminder from College Station I.S.D., please stay off the football field grass at all times.


On Wednesday's Tempo Run, our tempo run will depart from Harvey Washbangers at 6:30pm.  This week, we will be doing the Stern Routes:


On Saturday morning morning Long Run, (Harvey Washbangers at 7:00 AM) Hull Routes:

Breakfast on Saturday will be at Torchy's!

Workouts are rain or shine, however, we will cancel in the event of lightning.