• Calendar of Events

      BRC is turning 7 years old! Join us for a birthday photo, run and cake (afterwords.) Be sure to click on the "Learn More" tab below for the latest Race and BRC events around the B/CS area!

    • We are back to running!

      Please check schedules for where and when we’re running. Also watch Facebook for other info. As always, please be safe out there.

    • Join Us For Our Wednesday Night Tempo Run

      Please join us on Wednesday nights, 6:30 PM (Winter) and 7:00 PM (Summer) in the Harvey Washbanger's parking lot for our weekly tempo run! Expect a brisk, middle-distance run of 3-8 miles, depending on your preference and goals. Easily our most popular workout; be sure to hang out afterwards and socialize with fellow Fools!

    • Join Us For Our Monday Evening Track Workout

      Need some help pushing your personal speed limit? Come check out our Monday evening track workouts at 7:00 PM (Summer) and 6:30 PM (Winter) at A&M Consolidated Middle School Track. Track consists a a variety of short distance workouts ranging from 400m - 1600m. Expect a different workout every week.

    • Join Us For Our Saturday Morning Long Run!

      Saturday morning long runs are the best way to prove that you're hard core! Get out of bed and meet us at Harvey Washbanger's at 7:00 AM for runs 6-25 miles long (depending on the season and your personal goals). We'll eat tacos later and not mention that detail to the folks that slept in.

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