• Calendar of Events

      BRC is turning 7 years old! Join us for a birthday photo, run and cake (afterwords.) Be sure to click on the "Learn More" tab below for the latest Race and BRC events around the B/CS area!

    • We are back to running!

      Please check schedules for where and when we’re running. Also watch Facebook for other info. As always, please be safe out there.

    • Join Us For Our Wednesday Night Tempo Run

      Please join us on Wednesday nights, 6:30 PM (Winter) and 7:00 PM (Summer) in the Harvey Washbanger's parking lot for our weekly tempo run! Expect a brisk, middle-distance run of 3-8 miles, depending on your preference and goals. Easily our most popular workout; be sure to hang out afterwards and socialize with fellow Fools!

    • Join Us For Our Monday Evening Track Workout

      Need some help pushing your personal speed limit? Come check out our Monday evening track workouts at 7:00 PM (Summer) and 6:30 PM (Winter) at A&M Consolidated Middle School Track. Track consists of a variety of short distance workouts ranging from 400m - 1600m repeats. Expect a different workout every week.

    • Join Us For Our Saturday Morning Long Run!

      Saturday morning long runs are the best way to prove that you're hard core! Get out of bed and meet us at 7:00 AM for runs 6-25 miles long (depending on the season and your personal goals). Afterwards, we'll eat tacos or donuts and socialize to your heart's content.

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