Board Position Duties

Thinking about running for office? Here's what each position has for duties:

(A) President: The President shall lead, manage, motivate, and support the Board of Directors and the BRC. The President shall represent the BRC to the general public. The President shall establish goals, policies, and procedures; call meetings when necessary, preside at all meetings, appoint special committees as described above (Section 5), see that such appointees fulfill their responsibilities; and perform other duties stated in the by-laws.Note: there is an eligibility requirement to be on the ballot for President. To run for President - candidate must have previosly served in an elected board position of BRC for a minimum of one year. No other board position has this requirement.
(B) Vice-President: The Vice-President shall serve in the absence of the President, shall plan the monthly programs for BRC board meetings, assist in public relations efforts, recruit race directors for BRC events, and perform other duties as assigned by the BRC and the President.
(C) Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records and minutes of all meetings or appointment a responsible designee in the event he or she cannot attend the meeting. The Secretary shall provide minutes and records of BRC Board and Club meetings to the Board. The Secretary shall notify Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs of all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall inform BRC members of upcoming meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for both external and internal correspondence with BRC membership.
(D) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping all monies of the BRC, records of income, and records of expenses; collection of income owed the BRC and payment of only receipted expenses. The Treasurer shall assist in the preparation of the annual budget and shall administer the current budget. The Treasurer shall make periodic reports of the club’s financial status, prepare and file the BRC annual Tax Return, and arrange for an annual BRC financial audit. The Treasurer shall be transparent with all board members about the nature of finances and the administration of the budget.
(E) Director of Information Services: The Director of Information Technology shall be responsible for maintaining the BRC website, membership database and publication of periodic newsletters and other club promotional information in either printed or electronic form.
(F) Director of Member/Marketing Services: The Director of Member/Marketing Services shall be responsible for the development of member benefits and recruitment of new members.
(G) Director of Volunteer Services: The Director of Volunteer Services shall be responsible for recruitment of volunteers for the club events, coordination of club social activities, and development of regular club or group runs.
(H) Director of Running Events: The Director of Running Events will work with others to develop and coordinate the weekly workouts (track, tempo, and long-run,) assure access to facilities, and help to develop/maintain training plans. The Director of Running Events may also, with the approval of the Board, work with others to develop special running events. 
(I) Past President: Following the President’s term, the outgoing President shall advise and assist the current, elected President, and shall have such other duties as the President shall assign. This position is not elected.

(J) Members At-Large: Similar to Past President, these are non-voting positions except in the case of a tie, in which non-voting board members cast the tie breaking votes. These positions need not to be filled every year, so long as an odd number of tie-breaking votes are established.

Please send a note of intent to run (for office) to [email protected]