Galloway Routes

BRC Short Tempo Workout

At BRC we work to accommodate runners of all abilities. For those just starting, or in need of some recovery time, we support shorter routes. So, if you like alternating periods of walking with jogging, or simply want to hit your daily steps, these options are for you:

  • Wednesday (2-2.6 miles) and
  • Saturday (4 miles).

Additionally, if you are just getting started, running at the College Station Consolidated Middle School Track on Monday's is strongly encouraged, especially if you are:

  • just getting started with walking/jogging/running--you can stop at anytime with close proximity to your vehicle;
  • not familiar with the College Station streets and neighborhoods just yet; or
  • want to meet new people since everyone (from fun to fast folks) all start and stop around the same 400 meter loop.

For every official track workout, we provide lots of options for recommended distances and speeds to choose from throughout the year, so everyone is equally challenged no matter the skill level.

Galloway Route: 2mi Route Details | Download to GPS Watch


Galloway Route: 2.7mi Route Details | Download to GPS Watch

 On the maps, you will see some icons (which are hyperlinks to more info): 
     The   "Faucet" is an outdoor water fountain
     The    "Water Jug" is a (possible) BRC water jug location (the Starter will announce actual jug(s) location)
     The     "Star" is a location with indoor restroom and water 

Workouts are rain or shine, however, we will cancel in the event of lightning.