Long Run Maps & Slips HULL Routes

BRC Distance Workout 03/07/2020

Meets at 7:00 AM at Harvey Washbangers

If you are interested in running for the Board or want to learn more about it, please come talk to one of us board members (Erin Giles, Jim Grau, Brian Long, Kristi Holstead, Julie Champeau Thompson, Bradley Bogdan, Ian Muise, Tatjana Đokić, Matthew Garrett, Brian Gilson, Anna Gitter). We are happy to answer any questions you may have about positions, responsibilities, etc. We will be having an open meeting in March and will announce the date and time soon!


For those seeking a few extra miles, the early group will be doing the 4 mile route departing from Harvey Washbangers at 6:10 (retuning by 7 to join the group run).

HULL Routes: 

Short Loop: 4 miles (route slip

Intermediate Loop: 6 miles (route slip) (Strava Route)

Long Loop: 8 miles (route slip) (Strava Route)   

Longer Loop: 10 miles (route slip

   On the maps- you'll see some icons (which are hyperlinks to more info): 

     The   "Faucet" is an outdoor water fountain

     The    "Water Jug" is a (possible) BRC water jug location (the Starter will announce actual jug(s) location)

     The     "Star" is a location with indoor restroom and water 


Workouts are rain or shine, however, we will cancel in the event of lightning.