Social Distance Run plan 7/20 -26

This seems like a good time to look towards the future with the hope that COVID will be under control by December and that we will be able to run the 10th BCS Half and Full Marathon. As in past years, we will get you ready for the race with a 16-week training plan that will begin on 8/24. For experienced runners (“Half” or “Full”), these training plans ramp you up to the requisite long run mileage fairly fast. To help you get ready, we will begin a 5-week pre-training cycle that will establish a solid foundation. 

If you are aiming to run your first half marathon, and your focus is more on fun than on time, you can subtract a mile or two from the mileages given for the Half. If you hope to run your first full marathon, and your focus is more on finishing than on your time, shoot for long runs that are within 4 miles of those listed for the Full plan. Of course, in either case, if you find that you can easily hit the lower marks, you can slowly up your mileage and follow the Half or Full plan. (Remember: To avoid injuries, don’t increase your mileage too fast.)


In subsequent posts, we will discuss the alternative ways to hit you race goals and how training plans balance speed vs. distance.


Our high intensity workout this week will combine the hill workout with some intervals. Find a hill that is long enough for a 1 min hard climb. Repeat 3 times with an easy jog to the bottom. After a 2 min rest, do a 6 min run at your 10K pace. After a 2 min rest, repeat the sequence with 3 more hill climbs and another 6 min run.

The tempo run this week is 3 (fun) to 4 (half or full) miles at a moderate pace (where you find it hard to maintain a conversation).


For your long run, shoot for 5 (fun), 6 (half) or 9-10 (full) miles at a pace that you know you an maintain for this mileage. Given the heat, start off slow and make sure you stay hydrated.


Run safe,

Jim, Erin, Anna and Brad




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