6/11/22 Long Run maps and slips - LODKA Routes

BRC Distance Workout

Meets at 7:00 AM at Harvey Washbangers

LODKA Routes:


Short Loop: 4 miles (route slip

Intermediate Loop: 6.6 miles (route slip) run it twice for 13

Long Loop: 8.7

Longer Loop: 10.2 miles (route slip) run it twice for 22

   On the maps- you'll see some icons (which are hyperlinks to more info): 

     The   "Faucet" is an outdoor water fountain - Note location of water fountain may be a little off-route.

     The    "Water Jug" is a (possible) BRC water jug location (the Starter will announce actual jug(s) location)

     The     "Star" is a location with indoor restroom and water 


Workouts are rain or shine, however, we will cancel in the event of lightning.