Monday Thomas Park

Our workout on Monday (at 7:00 PM) is at a DIFFERENT LOCATION.  We will be meeting at Thomas Park at the corner of Francis Drive and Puryear Drive (near the basketball courts).  There is plenty of parking all around Thomas Park. 

Our workout will be 800 meter repeats around the northern portion of Thomas Park. See the image below for details about where to meet. I will place cones to mark the route.  We will make use of the roads around Thomas Park, so please plan to be visible with bright clothing, a light, a reflective vest, etc. since the days are getting shorter.

Here is the 800m Route Map (and 800m GPX File) for the 800m Thomas Park loop! 

  • Lower mileage: 800m X 5
  • Medium mileage: 800m X 6
  • Higher mileage: 800m X 8